Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fine Time To Be American

Time to vote...time to make a difference....no....NOT that!

----it is because it is time to get FREE COFFEE from Starbucks!

----- only for Americans...huhuhu


Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Eyes...Ears....and Fingers! Election 2008

Ever since I had this client that is a political blogger.... my whole day has almost always been watching, listening, monitoring and writing about U.S. politics.

So what is my take about the Obama-McCain fight? I think that although Obama is leading in the stats...there is still hope that McCain will win. Is it obvious? I do not like Obama....he has too much of gray areas for comfort. His stand on abortion and infant rights leave a bad taste in the mouth.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.... there is more about his ties to Palestine. And what about that aunt of his that supposedly is out of the US but is really an illegal alien who is living in some slum somewhere?

Now I am not saying that McCain is the BEST bet... I personally did not like it that this current marriage started from an affair....but it will be a fight for the lesser evil I guess. I do not know if the man, granting he will win...will last the whole presidential term. And Lord help the US when Palin steps up to the presidency. I do not think she is really ready to jump that high in the political ladder. As a good friend of mine said...McCain likes beautiful women around him.... just look at Cindy....and now Palin. But I do not think that make good governance if ever. *sigh*

Hopefully this will not be a question of voting for color..wherein African Americans will vote for someone like-skinned. If the caucasians do not vote because of color...people call it racism... now...if people vote for color...wouldn't that be racism too?

Just my thoughts...

My prayers go out to the US citizens...your choice will affect us all....