Saturday, August 30, 2008

Split Personalities?

Gosh has it been that long already? Two whole months of not posting anything.

I have been busy you some clients who want me to do forum posting for them. That would have been easy if not for one of the clients wanting me to populate her forum with posts. I cannot be just one entity posting like crazy all over right? I cannot have one entity doing what does one do in situations like these? Create multiple identities! That way....Ident#1 has someone to talk to/interact with.

That would have been fine if my client wanted me to just do 2 or 3...I did such a darned good job at it that I was asked to do 3 more! Yikes!!!! How does one handle forum posting with 6 idents without going crazy? hahahahaha

Ident #1 --- A stay-at-home mom with a toddler (not that hard to do since I am exactly that!)
Ident #2 --- A teen-age boy with raging hormones (uhhhhh...oh well...)
Ident #3 --- A college student who is also working on the side in a law firm.
Ident #4 --- A young entrepreneur who wants to make a living via various web businesses, etc.
Ident #5 --- A cynical girl who is out looking for debates
Ident #6 --- A wise old man who just retired from his truck driver gig.


I have to be sure that what I write, the language I use and the manner of which I type have to be as much as possible distinct from one character to the next. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! lol